Blast mitigation studies

Cintec’s engineers are internationally recognised for their ability to conduct Blast Mitigation Studies. These can be undertaken as either part of an analysis and design package for a new or existing facility or as a separate study to Structural_Analysis_01investigate various blast load/distance combinations. The results of these studies can be used to plan new security measures or examine weakness in existing mitigation measures.

Using a variety of specialist PC based tools developed by the US Corps of Engineers and other specialist federal agencies coupled with a wealth of experience gained on military anti-terrorist operations worldwide, Cintec leads the field in blast mitigation systems. From single buildings to complex areas of urban development, Cintec is able to investigate multiple “what if” scenarios to enable prospective clients to select the most suitable and cost effective response. Building damage assessments, retrofit upgrade options, blast mitigation measures and improved security procedures can all be undertaken in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner.

Structural_Analysis_02Analysis of masonry structures

Based on the award-winning retrofitted masonry anchor, Cintec is able to analyse and strengthen all types of masonry structures in order to make them resist impulses associated with blast loads in excess of 250 psi-ms. Using the results of our ongoing research and development program into the behaviour of masonry structures subjected to dynamic loads, the Blastec system is arguably the only one in the world capable of modelling accurately the complex behaviour of masonry structures exposed to explosive loads. Although retrofitting masonry structures is our specialty, we are able to accept commissions across the full spectrum of building types and environments from simple single-storey buildings to complex multi-floor industrial framed structures in both steel and reinforced concrete.

Structural_Analysis_03Design of retrofit systems

In today’s threat-conscious environment, designers must keep abreast of recent developments in the field of building protection and blast mitigation. The Blastec System makes best use of the most applicable of solutions and employs them to the benefit of the client. Alternative solutions and schemes can be analysed and costed and the most efficient and cost-effective solution presented to the client.