Reliable Explosion Protection for You and Your Property

Total Blast Protection

The Blastec System is a complete analysis, design and installation process that enables structures to withstand the adverse effects of blast loads. With each project and application, from high-rise buildings to historical structures, the Blastec system provides an innovative, cost-effective solution to total building protection.

1. Structural Analysis and Design

The Blastec System begins with structural analysis and design. Once an explosive threat has been identified, building owners, occupants, law enforcement agencies and security personnel will want to know how the threatened structures will respond when subjected to adverse explosive loads. Blastec’s structural engineers have many years of international civilian and military experience gained in the analysis and design of structures subjected to weapons effects.

2. Reinforcement of Masonry Structures to reduce the risk of progressive collapse

Many structures, particularly those in urban areas where there are high concentrations of historic or prestigious buildings, are of traditional masonry construction. Using state of the art discrete element software and engineering techniques, we specialise in the strengthening and restoration of existing masonry structures worldwide.

3. Design of Retrofit Systems and Products

Through a series of professional partnerships and collaborative agreements with leading window and door manufacturers in both North America and Europe, we are able to offer a complete building retrofit package to resist the effects of explosions and ballistic attack. This ‘turn-key’ approach provides the best possible solution to the specific needs of the client and the general needs of the building effectively dispensing with the problems of dealing with multiple contractors. In the increasingly important world of building protection, many new and innovative products designed to save lives and money are continually being developed. We are able to appraise these products and incorporate them into the Blastec retrofit solution where appropriate.

4. External blast protection

Many cost-effective building protection measures have little to do with the actual building, but focus on the space surrounding it. Where it can be achieved, ‘stand-off’ or ‘set-back’ is without doubt the most effective technique to employ, but in urban environments this may be impossible or impracticable to achieve. The Blastec System offers a range of alternative blast mitigation possibilities including temporary self-inflating water walls, permanent permeable blast walls, vehicle anti-ram barriers and blast bins.